Summary of what Science says
about Gabarandal

María Josefa Villa de Gallego

Doctors, priests, great position theologians and unanimous plebiscite of thousand of faithful tend to affirm the veracity of Garabandal apparitions. Scientific, medical and theological reports give us the testimony that does not exist a human explanation to the events happened there.

Garabandal has received true eminent doctors. None of them has found a complete and satisfactory scientific explanation about the events. All of them report that what they have seen is something completely unexplainable from the human point of view, that is worth of attention, great respect and deep analysis.

Dr. Puncernau, Gasca, Ortiz, Morales, Gallego, etc... are some of the doctors who have published their analysis results from their profesional point of view.

In a similar way, eminent theologian and psychologist, from spain and abroad, have made their reports. It is very important for them to have verified the children don4t lie, and they say they are before events that science can4t give a natural explanation.

As a summary, reports say:

1.- From the prediatric-psychiatric point of view, the four children have been, and still are, completely normal.
2.- The children ecstasy can not be embraced under any of the physiological and patologycal psychical known frames.
3.- Due to the long time this phenomenon has been happening, there would be lots of easily available sings if they came from any kind of patologycal character.