Summary of
Dr. Celestino Ortiz Perez4s report

Tico Medina, journalyst of the 'Pueblo' newspaper

I want to retrieve the opinion of a doctor, an authorized voice of science, who expressed his report after having seen Garabandal children under ecstasy.

Dr. Celestino Ortiz Perez, pediatrist and puericulture doctor, made a well documented and very long report about the "events". This report goes from possible and remote preceeding illnesses of the four children, which it4s not true, to their intimate psychologycal and physical analysis, when they were under ecstasy, and when they weren4t. "Everything it4s completely normal in the four visionaries", Dr Ortiz assured. Absolutely normal with respest to their physical state all along the apparitions. "There is no hysteric", Dr. Ortiz has assured. "There is no fatigue; their pulse is correct. There is no hypnosis. There is no preceding familiar illnesses.".

His conclusions, retrieved by this journalist, are:

First: From the prediatric-psychiatric point of view, the four children have been, and still are, completely normal.
Second: The children ecstasy can not be embraced under any of the physiological and patologycal psychical known frames.
Third: Due to the long time this phenomenon has been happening, there would be lots of easily available sings if they came from any kind of patologycal character.
Fourth: I can4t find in child psychology, both normal and patologycal, any explanation that can reflect as natural events, phenomenon that clearly exceed natural.

Signed: Dr. Ortiz Perez.