Report about the Miracle of the Sacred
- D. Pepe Diaz, bricklayer.

On 18th of July of 1962, I was at Aniceta Gonzalez4s house, Conchita4s mother. When the child fell under ecstasy, I followed her so I could protect her all along the street, when suddenly she has stopped her running falling on her knees and taking me by surprise; I noticed the child was praying mentally and showed her clean toungue; inmediatly a nice circle appeared on it. It is difficult to explain, but I realized It was a completely clean Host. Afterwards It has increased in thickness and circumference; I can4t give more details because of the difficulty, the importance, and the amazement it all supposed to me. I think it has lasted about 3 minutes. I am completely convinced that it is a Miracle.

I signed my declaration at San Sebastian de Garabandal on the 19th of July of 1964. Jose Diaz Cantero.