Letter written by one of the visionaries
Mari Cruz, september 19th, 1962.

Dear Father in Our Lord Jesus Christ:

I thank you very much for remembering me and for those so nice religious cards you sent me. I also would have gone very happyly to meet you with Loli, but the old lady who took Loli didn4t say anything to me; the others were told if they would like to go but not to me, and the reason is they didn4t want to take me.

And people don4t like me because I see the Virgin less than the others, but it doesn4t matter; I love the Virgin very much and I want whatever She wants.

I haven4t seen Her for some days, but I love Her as much as when I saw Her.

I say goo-bye to you and ask you for forgiveness for all my faults.

Signature: Mari Cruz

Note: Obviously, these lines show clearly how the child wished to have the vision, though she hadn4t it. Undoubtedly, her testimony is the clearest proof that it wasn4t a children game. To be the less favored instrument with extraordinary graces by the Blessed Virgin, agrees symbolically with her second name (Cross), and She, whose name she shares with, is sure to have more than a special affection to her.