Jacinta4s visit to Rome
María Josefa Villa de Gallego.

At the end of 1975, Jacinta went to Rome and Cardinal Ottaviani during an interview said to her: "We have to pray more so that Church realizes how important San Sebastian de Garabandal apparitions are".

That is the proof of the evident Vatican interest about the Virgin of the Mount Carmel preferences of appearing in Spain, marian nation par excellence and on other times model to the world, as the new continent evangelization left from this lands.

On that same day of Jacinta4s visit to the Vatican, Cardinal Philippe, who were gathered with some other Bishops, told them when being informed about the presence of Jacinta: "I am leaving for just a moment, to greet one of the visionaries of the San Sebastian de Garabandal apparitions". After having spoken with her, he sayed good-bye with the following words: "I bless you in the name of the Virgin Mary, and I am completely with you".

That made Jacinta realized that he was convinced the apparitions came from the Virgin Mary. They spoke a lot about that.

I received all this information directly from Jacinta, in a conversation we entablished on August of 1992.