Retraction of the eminent phychiatrist
D. Luis Morales

Jesus Hoyos, journalist of the 'Alerta' newspaper in Santander

Dr. Luis Morales, who is 86 years old, doesn4t mind people speak about his long profesional path, who has made of him a great institution on mental health in Cantabria: he has lost his faith in phyquiatry. On the contrary, he says he has won his faith in God, and what is even harder to say for a scientific, in the Virgin.

He apologized himself for the report he signed as a member of the Commision of Investigation of the Episcopate of Santander about San Sebastian de Garabandal which denied the veracity of events, and has gone even further saying that the commision was a simulacrum.

D. Luis Morales was the Manager of Mental Health of the Province of Santander in 1961. He was the greatest authority in psychiatry, and he has been chosen by Catholic Church to study the veracity of other apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in different sites. He has always stated firmly his diagnostic of falsity except with Garabandal. It4s been a long time since he retracted of his first report and he has sayed that he has heavy reasons to see how he was wrong and afirm Garabandal is similar to Lourdes and Guadalupe. Why isn4t he heard now, when he was before in his prohibition notes? Is it pride? Another thing?

"I don4t mind to recognize today that I believe in the Blessed Virgin as mediator of that highest energy that God is; I afirm, without being afraid of mistaking, that the events of San Sebastian de Garabandal had exactly the same nature that Lourdes and Fatima, even with little children in half isolation circumstances as protagonists.", Dr. Morales explains.

This Dr. is one who has the opinion that the events exceeds any natural explication.

Signed: Jesus Hoyos.