Conchita4s second locution
13th of February of 1966

Conchita says:

On Sunday, 13th of February, when I was thanking God after having received the communion, I felt a great joy, a greater sadness, and a disappointment at the same time.

I heard Christ4s voice saying to me:

"Conchita, you say that you came here, to this school, to prepare yourself to be My wife, and to follow Me ... Aren4t you saying always that you want to do My will? Well, now you are doing yours. Do you want to keep all your life this way? I haven4t chosen you in a convent, but I have chosen you in the world, so that you can face the so many obstacles and dangers you will meet for Me there.

"I want this all happen for your sanctification and you may offer it for world4s salvation. You must talk the world about Mary, My and everyone4s Mother. Remind that you asked Me if you would be a noon on June, and I have sayed no. Wherever you are, you will find the cross, the cross and the sufferings, I say it again to you. Have you felt My call to be My wife? No, because I haven4t called you".

I asked Him: "How is the feeling of Your call for being a noon?. Our Lord answered: "Don4t worry, you won4t feel it". I told Him: "Then, Don4t You love me, Jesus?". And He answered: "Conchita, do you ask Me that? Do My Will and you will find My love, inspect yourself. Think more about the others. Dont mind about temptations. If you are faithful, you will overcome each one you have".

"Be clever in all I4ve sayed to you, clever spiritually. Don4t cover yourself your soul4s eyes. Don4t let the world trick you. Love humbleness, simplicity, and never think that what you are doing is very much. Think of what you have to do for the world. Do My Divine Will, every soul who is ready and wish to hear Me, will know what My Will is".

"I want to tell you that you will suffer very much before the Miracle, because there will be very few who believe in you, your own family will think you have tricked them, this all is for your santification and for the world doing what the message says. I want to warn you that the rest of your life will be a continuous suffering. Don4t be afraid, I and Mary, Whom you love so much, are where pain is".

I asked Our Lord if Rome would stop believing, and He didn4t answer. He just sayed: "Don4t mind if they will believe or not, I will do everything, but I will also give you suffering. I will be with everyone who suffers for Me".

Signed: Conchita Gonzalez.