Conchita4s first locution
10th of July of 1963

After receiving communion, I was thanking God and asking Him for many things, and He answered to me. I asked Him for a Cross, that I am living without any suffering, only the one of not having a Cross for Jesus, and when I was asking Him for this, He answered: "Yes ,I will give it to you". Felling a great emotion, I asked Him more and sayed: "What is the goal of the miracle? To convert lot of people?", and He answered: "To convert the whole world". I asked Jesus: "Will Rusia become converted?", and Jesus answered: "They also will convert and so everyone will love Our Hearts".

I asked Him: "Will the Chastisement come afterwards?", and He didn4t answer. Again I asked Him: "Why do You come to my poor heart if I don4t deserve it?", Our Lord sayed: "I don4t come for you, I come for everyone". I asked: "The Miracle will be as if I would have been the only one who saw the Virgin?". And He told me: "I let you be the miracle4s mediator because of your sufferings". I told Him: "And it wouldn4t be better that the four of us were the mediators, or none of us? Will I go to Heaven?", the Lord answered: "You will love Our Hearts very much". I asked Him: "When will You give me a Cross?", but He didn4t answered. I asked: "What am I going to be (as she wanted to be religious)?". Our Lord didn4t answered, but sayed that wherever I were, I would have to suffer very much.

I told Him: "Am I going to die soon?". Our Lord answered: "You will have to be on earth to help the world". And I sayed: "I am so little, I won4t be able to help anything". Our Lord answered: "You prayers and sufferings will help the world". I asked: "When we go to Heaven, are we died?", Jesus answered: "You never die". I told Him: "I thought that we went to Heaven to be rised from death?". I asked Him if Saint Peter was at the porch of Heaven to receive us, and Our Lord sayed no.