Conchita4s Prayer
1st of January of 1967

Mother, I ask you for not being vain in this new year.
I ask you also for sincerity, thankfulness, and love towards You.

Lord, this is what I ask You for the whole year:
Sacrifice disposition, and prayer disposition.
Grant me the grace of receiving Holy Communion fervently.
And visiting the Holy Sacrament more.

Lord, forgive me.
Thanks for all You have given to us.
Thanks for all You have given to my family,
and forgive us for not having returned it.
Lord, thanks for this new year, and forgive us for the last one.

Lord, I send you all the requests they have given to me.
Above all, of those who are more in need.
Lord, I also ask You for the souls in Purgatory.
I ask You for all the sick.
For those who spread the message:
and for those who don4t want to hear about the message.
I ask You for everyone.

I also write for those who have written to me now.
And for those who have been lately writting to me
and telling me about their needs.
Lord, I tell them to You.
Although I can4t tell them all.
Lord, You already know them.

Mother, listen to them all.
Say it to your Son.
Attend their needs and give them what they ask.
If it is for Your Glory.
And good for our souls.

Lord, forgive those who ask me for that.
Lord, I ask You for Your message is spread more and more.
And that those all swho spread the message, they do it for You.
Lord, thanks for them.

Glory the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Ave Mary the Most Pure.
Conceived without sin.