Fragment of Conchita4s diary

"I would be talking to You the whole day... but I could bore You. In the darkness of this so noiseless night, I look at the blue sky and see Your Creation, the stars, the moon... all those things You have done for our good. Looking at the sky, I feel so united to You! I would wish that those all who don4t remember You, who are so far from You, accepted my prayers, accepted my prayers of this night and my so miser and shy sacrificies... For those souls approach to You, Jesus, and Mary, Mother of Church, and specially for those who haven4t heard from You yet".

"Why did You chose me, You know who I am, to say so sad messages? It is a very big grace, but don4t worry, my Jesus, that I realize the responsability I have. How am I doing, Jesus? I can4t put the message inside theirs heads and make them do it, moreover some of them think that I invented it all. Why do You consent to it? Oh, You know, they don4t do it that way so we doubt. Oh my Jesus, make us think of Your five wounds to offer our sacrificies pleasantly. Forgive us, Lord, because we are the reason for You are nailed..."

"I would like to visit You more. I would like to be Your little lamp, so that my little flame gave light to You more and more and gave light to those souls who come to You. I would also like to be the inside door of Your tabernacule to be more united to You. I would like to be so much that I am nothing. Completely nothing. But I am a child of Mary, Mother of God, and I was redimed by the Blood of Christ Crucified, so I am anything.