Vatican4s attitude towards the events
of Garabandal

Manuel Pio, Jalapa4s Archbishop

The Vatican4s behaviour in relation to San Sebastian de Garabandal has always been the usual of this kind of events, and nowadays, it is retrieving all the documents that exist about the apparitions, to do a deep analysis and to provide a solution of what happened there. Until now their authorities has never expressed a rejection towards this apparitions, as some people related to Santander Episcopate have sometimes stated.

One of the members of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, monseigneur Philippe, informed Rv. Father Elias Carmel4s Superior in Ciudad de Puebla, Mexico, that when he asked Vatican about its opinion about the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, he got the following answer: "Father Pio, known by his holiness, science and his loyalty to the Holy See, agrees with this apparitions and encourages the four visionaries to spread the Blessed Virgin message all over the world".

These statements are a great proof of the veracity of the events.
This information was received in Jalapa of the Inmaculate, the 8th of July of 1966, and was signed by Manual Pio, Jalapa4s Archbishop.